Crown Dynamics Corporation

Crown Dynamics products improve breathing, weight loss, and overall wellness. If you are looking for our recommendation for green coffee bean extract, you can find it on our Amazon store product page. We only source the finest coffee beans from Juan, Maria and Jose in Guatemala. Juan has his burro step on the beans not once, not twice, but thrice, and we feel that this extra TLC gives our coffee beans the extra added pep and vigor that you'll experience when you try our product. Our old timey mustaches twinge every time we think of Juans burro stepping on our coffee beans.

AirWare Labs

Break Through Breathing Technology

AirWare Labs is an innovator in breathing devices that enhance life, health and promote good breathing. Our AIR™ advanced nasal breathing products address a wide range of issues, including congestion, allergies, snoring, and travel-related illnesses.

Utilizing a comfortable and discreet design that is soft, pliable and latex-free, AIR™ sits nearly invisibly inside the nose, gently lifting and supporting nasal passages – resulting in up to 38% increased airflow and better breathing.  Air Essentials incorporate the powerful therapeutic properties of essential oils, and Air Filters feature filtration media from 3M, engineered to trap unhealthful particles before they enter the system.

AIR™ is strategically poised to enter the Health and Wellness sector during a period of tremendous growth and expansion. Although breathing is the most basic of human functions, the expansive health benefits associated with improved breathing have thus far been greatly overlooked. Not only does AIR™ dramatically improve airflow, its innovative, cutting-edge design has no competition.


Peace of Mind Communication

Our PomCom™ product is designed to enhance the personal safety of seniors and people with special needs, allowing them to live fuller, more independent lives. Integrated with Crown Watchtower, a web-based software for remote monitoring, PomCom™ sends automatic notifications via cellphone, text messaging, or email. This allows family, friends or staff to immediately determine the wearers’ location and ensure safety. PomCom provides peace of mind to families and caregivers, and helps institutions manage risk and improve the quality and efficiency of care.